A visionary and an idealist, our CEO is a woman who knows what she wants in every aspect of the business. With her positive and proactive disposition, everyone from the staff to top management knows that at the end of the day, her leadership inspires us to move towards one thing: RESULTS.

She recently graduated from her Entrepreneurial Masters Program from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland. Eileen believes that a company’s core is defined by these two things: world-class service and talent management.

As the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Picture Company (TPC), a premium portrait studio with studios across the city, Eileen is determined to build a team of talented and capable artists and managers who believe that “Happy People Capture Happy Stories”.

“We are a lean team composed of creative young professionals and I wouldn’t want it any other way. TPC’s inception since 2002 is “Always believe in creating beautiful portraits while playing and having fun”. This goes without saying that our exceptional brand of service comes from a pool of happy people, eager to bring out genuine expressions and unique stories behind each portrait session,” says Eileen.

“At The Picture Company, we go beyond what people usually expect from a photography studio. We thrive on the concept of genuine service. We want kids and families who come to our studios to really have fun and enjoy,” she says.

But before it became a big player in the baby photography industry, TPC was once a vision stemming from a mother’s dream of pursuing a hobby, and quite cheekily, a good opportunity to earn “manicure money”. “This really began as a passion project. I gave birth to my second child in 2002 and I wanted to document all the little details about him. At that time, I couldn’t find a studio in the Philippines that was appropriate.  They were all dark, dirty and not exactly baby-friendly.  That’s when I considered that other moms could be in the same situation. I thought about their desire of wanting baby photos taken inside a safe, fun, and creative environment managed by happy people,” shares Eileen.

Opening its first vibrant studio at the Podium Mall in 2002, Eileen focused on giving clients the kind of environment she wanted to see. With consistent quality of service and product offerings, and through the safe and fun environment it offers within its branches, TPC gained a large number of clients, ranging from young mothers to growing families.

Meticulous about brand identity and perfection, TPC was successful in capturing genuine expressions, allowing the company to bring out unique stories behind the smiles of their clients.

Through the tutelage of Eileen, The Picture Company opened 3 stores in its first year and since then, put up 8 other branches in premium malls in Metro Manila, including one in Cebu. In 2010, the company expanded in Malaysia.

On a mission to create beautiful portraits while playing and having fun, TPC’s purpose is to make its clients happy. Whenever the brand introduces innovation and new products to its clients, the goal is always to capture the stories of babies and families.

“Creativity and innovation is a must for us. So much has changed in portraiture, yet people still want original setups. At the end of the day, we do what it takes to satisfy our clients and find comfort in knowing that the families we serve are happy,” says Eileen.

Under her leadership, Eileen continues to inspire and prepare young professionals for world-class standards of service.  As an aspiring life coach, she finds joy in seeing people succeed in life and has invested a lot in ensuring that the people she works with can grow personally and professionally within The Picture Company.

“Our continued growth and success is in line with our goal to live our mission and to serve our purpose. We love to highlight everything beautiful about life. From the gift of newborns, to motherhood, to a child’s growth, and through happy pictures with family, we thrive by bringing out beautiful moments. We inspire excellence and heart with everything that we do, ” she says.

The Picture Company continues to be the number 1 fun and creative portrait studio chain in the Philippines through its innovations and aggressive plans of expansion. TPC is also giving mompreneurs and photography enthusiasts the opportunity to have their own TPC franchise this 2020.