About Us – The Picture Company

Behind every smile, there’s a story to tell

The Picture Company (TPC) is a creative portrait studio that creates beautiful portraits through fun and play. We are passionate about smiles, and the stories behind people’s smiles. We thrive on creativity, excellence, innovation, service, team, and passion.

Over the past 16 years, TPC has worked with thousands of moms, babies, dads – families – who have touched our lives and whose lives we have transformed as well. This is because we do not simply take photographs of smiles and portraits of people we encounter.We yearn to capture the real reason why they are smiling, what the story is behind each photograph. That twinkle in their eyes is a gateway to a boatload of moments that touches lives and inspire us to make people happy. These moments give meaning to the work that we do.

Our Mission

I am a trusted friend who provides you with quality documentation of your family’s stories and important milestones.

Core Values

We constantly strive to do things with fresh perspective and put new ideas into reality.

We never stop learning to be the best on what we do and be the best version of ourselves.

We are proud that every person in TPC is a leader. Everyone is accountable with their work and outcomes.

We put our heart in all that we do. We genuinely show our care to all our clients and colleagues

We work with an attitude of gratitude and positivity. We focus on the good and we don’t accept drama.

We do what we love, what we are good at, and we do that which the world needs.