The Picture Company is a creative portrait studio that creates beautiful portraits through fun and play. We are passionate about smiles, and the stories behind people’s smiles. We thrive on creativity, excellence, innovation, service, team, and passion.Over the past 14 years, TPC has worked with thousands of moms, babies, dads – families – who have touched our lives and whose lives we have transformed as well. This is because we do not simply take photographs of smiles and portraits of people we encounter.We yearn to capture the real reason why they are smiling, what the story is behind each photograph. That twinkle in their eyes is a gateway to a boatload of moments that touches lives and inspire us to make people happy. These moments give meaning to the work that we do.


Our vision is to be a world class company, consistently being the number 1 portrait studio in the Philippines. Ours is a future where we are one of the best places to work in.


The mission of TPC is to create beautiful portraits through FUN and PLAY.

Core Values

Core Values are those which form the foundation of how we perform our work and the manner in which we conduct ourselves. In an ever-changing world, these values are an unwavering and unchanging guide for our team, determining whether we are able to fulfill our goals and whether we are on the right path to greatness.

These 5 Core Values are those that The Picture Company lives by:


In all things we do, at its core is creativity. We constantly strive to do things with fresh perspective. We give ourselves permission to see things differently. Our imagination takes us everywhere. Creativity is making up new things, while innovation is doing new things. Our people believe in their own ideas and we aggressively work to putting new ideas into reality.


Our people lead by example. We don’t tell how it’s done. We show how it’s done. We rise by lifting others.


We collaborate with people we can learn from. We never stop learning, because we believe life never stops teaching.


One of our strengths is that we care deeply about everything that we do. We hear people, and we listen.


We do what we love, what we are good at, and we do that which the world needs.


As in all things, we work with an attitude of gratitude. We focus on the good, because we believe it unlocks the fullness of life.


“I wanted to photograph my baby in a creative, fun, and safe studio environment.”

When Eileen, our founder, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in 2002, she wanted to capture all his little details. But at that time, there was no such studio in the Philippines and all that she found were either dark or dirty.

That was when the creative juices started flowing. Something must be done! “What about other moms who want photographs of their babies taken inside a fun and creative studio environment?” thought Eileen.

And so The Picture Company was born. We opened our first branch in 2002 and people were amazed! The studio was vibrant and beautiful, and the portraits, they were awesome! Because she wanted to make other mommies like her feel safe about their babies, she hired pre-school teachers instead of professional photographers. This made The Picture Company experience fun and enjoyable for kids and families.

We began capturing people’s genuine expressions, telling unique stories behind smiles.

We stood out and TPC has since continued to expand.

Today, we continue to capture smiles and tell stories. We aim to continue nurturing a culture of inspired individuals and storytellers, all driven towards excellence.

We’re happy when families are happy. We are deeply grateful for all the stories that inspired The Picture Company and we believe in inspiring future generations with the stories of today.